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Introducing Attica Clothing

Apr 12, 2016
by Attica Clothing

Attica Clothing | Online Designer Outlet selling high-end clothing at Affordable prices.

So you’ve found us. Whether you’re addicted to designer labels, or seeking out a single piece to add luxury your closet space, you’ve come to the right place. 

This is our story. Attica Clothing started out in 2015 as a passion project by Jared Bissett. Born and raised on the prairies, Bissett fell in love with men’s designer clothes traveling Europe in his early ’20s. But wanderlust didn’t leave much in the wallet for designer labels. After returning back to Canada, he was shocked to find out that the local and national selection was so limited, and overseas shipping always tacked on a lot extra.

“Buying designer threads always felt like an investment, because the clothes were not only great style but also high quality and I knew they would last for years,” he said. “So IAttica Clothing had to get creative and spent a lot of time learning how to search for great deals on labels. Little did I know what was a fun hobby would eventually become a business.”Bissett returned to Europe and shopped in high-end vintage shops to learn the tricks of the trade. He came back to Canada, even learning Italian and French to find the best deals in foreign online shops. Eventually, it all became a golden opportunity: the chance to bring a better range of luxury style to Canada for reasonable prices, with none of the hassle.

That’s how Attica was born. Our discount designer clothes are new and sourced entirely from Europe, mostly from Italian factories. We also offer consignment, and the opportunity to trade or sell your own high-end items to freshen up your collection. Contact us for more info.

Watch this space for news, special offers, promotions and more.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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