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10 Reasons to Help Justify Your Obsession with Designer Bags

Do you have an obsession with Designer Bags?

Everyone has their quirks; there is just no denying it! Some people love their jackets, for others it could be designer shoes, but for us, it’s designer bags. The next time someone dares to challenge you about your collection of designer bags, then you can put them in their place!


One. There are few items that inspire wait lists like designer bags do!

Wait lists alone are crazy, especially when you are waiting on one for a designer bag, but simply because they exist it adds justification to just how popular something is. If you are on a wait list to receive that new designer bag, then you aren’t crazy, and you definitely aren’t alone!

Two. Buying designer handbags helps boost those credit card reward points!

This could be one of your weakest points in any justification argument so be sure only to bring it out in an emergency! Those credit card reward programs take forever to add up; one designer handbag will get them building up in no time.

Three. Your dog will enjoy your handbag just as much as you!

Dogs love everything fantastic, handbags by definition are truly fantastic so of course your dog would want to look its best. Keep you pooch in the style it deserves with a designer handbag! 

Designer Handbag

Four. Your bag will always fit! 

If you lose or gain weight, get older, get pregnant or lose an arm or leg your handbag will always fit! Designer handbags are the ultimate loyal fashion accessory. 

Five. Everyone just can’t be wrong!

Everyone has at least one handbag, most people have half a dozen or more, so it makes sense to try to stay ahead of the competition? Doesn’t it? Anyway, winning is always better than coming last, don’t let your friends beat you!

Six. Handbags make great places to keep things, like snacks!

If you are heading to the movies there is simply no way you can fit a bag of candy in your purse; designer handbags make great places for sneaking snacks into events!

Seven. No one likes a watch person!

No one, absolutely no one wants to sit around and listen to how a watch is made, or how it works. Don’t be a watch person; handbag people are much classier!

Eight. No matter what you wear, cheap designer handbags will class it up!

If you are running out to the shops or gym with sweat pants or yoga pants and no makeup you are already pretty low on the fashion totem pole, but a designer handbag will take that outfit up a few notches simply by being there!

Nine. If you weren’t supposed to have so many, then why are so many displayed?

It is no accident that when you walk into any fashion store anywhere in the world the first thing you will cast your eyes across is a wall or floor completely full of designer handbags. That’s because handbags are where it’s at!

Ten. Handbags make outfits fun!

An outfit wouldn’t be an outfit without a handbag! Designer handbags make designer outfits complete! 


So stop stressing about you stressing and check out our Designer Bags for great discounts!

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