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7 Most Famous Woman in Fashion

The Most Famous Fashion Icons

Vintage fashion always has a way of coming back. It’s inherently timeless and classic, and if you’re in need of vintage fashion inspiration to fuel your own sense of style (or give you an outfit idea!), then, read on. Today, we’re featuring the most iconic women in fashion history. These ladies have perfected vintage, chic fashion to the point that they have revolutionized wardrobe essentials of women across the globe. Below are the reasons why.


  1. Brigitte Bardot

Fun and flirty, Brigitte Bardot is the Parisian who knows how to make a statement without being too over the top. Her style essentials? Flouncy silhouettes, an off-shoulder top, and a polka dotted neckerchief.

Brigitte Bardot

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  1. Jane Birkin

The French rock-chic’s name sparked the ever coveted Birkin bag. The style icons of today continue to emulate Jane Birkin’s effortless outfits, and why not? Jane Birkin has the French weekend look down pat. Pair a sweater dress and over-the-knee boots, or rock a shirt and flared jeans--and there you are, channeling a bit of Birkin.

Jane Birkin

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  1. Diana Vreeland

The former Vogue editor is known for bohemian drama, and popularized the essential getaway piece, the caftan. Her vintage style is defined by black shirts, statement earrings, and T-strap flats.

Diane Vreeland

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  1. Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn is unforgettable for many things, and among them is her sense of fashion. Then again, she easily stood out for wearing wide-legged trousers during a time when most women wore tailored frocks. The lady who rocked an androgynous, sporty style and liked to wear streamlined blazers, shirt dresses, and loafers.

Katharine Hepburn

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  1. Twiggy

Iconic for her boyish frame, neat bob, and graphic eyelashes, Twiggy was a mod trendsetter. She’d been sporting braless fashion before present-day supermodels did! Her vintage fashion essentials include shift dresses, dangling earrings, Mary Janes, and knee-high boots. True to 1960’s fashion, of course, Twiggy sported clothes in bold patterns and bright hues.


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  1. Diana Ross

Where other vintage fashion icons’ wardrobes and ensembles could easily be replicated, Diana Ross’s style is inimitable. One could say that this powerhouse singer comfortably dressed herself up in red carpet-ready ensembles anywhere she went. She was often spotted wearing glitter, thigh-high slits, and bold eye makeup--things that define even the modern-day diva.

Diana Ross

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  1. Audrey Hepburn

Who could not remember Audrey Hepburn for her style? The woman has been much fabled about. Known for her timeless sense of fashion, much of Audrey’s wardrobe are still in vogue today. She has a penchant for the basics: striped shirt, crewneck sweaters, LBDs, and plain ballet flats. Her silhouettes are simple, often outlining her frame, and her palettes monochromatic, easily making a put-together outfit.

Audrey Hepburn

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