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It’s said that the Suit makes The Man. The suit is the uniform of men, meaning that it should be your personal uniform and express unity in your individual style. That being said, the modern suit and its components should be thought as a blank canvas with which you can express yourself. Your choices of elements within a suit can take you from being assessed as “that business guy” to “that interesting, confident and creative man”. Our world is filled with limitless options for The Modern Man, and in turn, limitless ways to be thoughtfully considered.

In the business world, appearance is of paramount importance. When a new client first walks through your office door, you’re only as good as your handshake and your suit and tie.

You have to prove why you’re worth it, and the first step in doing so is looking the part.

Dressing to impress can help you ascend the corporate ladder, as potential and current clients will respect and trust you more if you look like you deserve it.

A fashion faux pas, however, can just as easily push you off into oblivion. Pay close attention to these elements to look like the successful businessman that you are:

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Perfect fit

A suit that is too small or too large makes a business professional look anything but professional. A custom suit or even a properly tailored suit can make all the difference.

Necktie length

To accompany a custom-fit suit, the appropriate necktie should reach the belt, but not hang below the belt. If your tie ends above the belt, retie it until it meets the appropriate length.

 Color combinations

Certain color combinations complement one another while others clash entirely. Black, white, navy, beige, gray and brown are considered neutral colors and can be paired with nearly anything. Wearing only neutral colors, however, can make a suit boring, so add a splash of color or an interesting pattern to make your outfit more visually appealing.

Leather shoes, wooden soles

The right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. In general, shoes should be leather with a wooden and leather sole, with a heel no higher than one to two inches.

Matching belts and shoes

Belts and shoes may seem like necessary accessories that can be chosen at random, but to look put together, your belt and shoes should always match.

Socks and pants that “go”

This guideline is simple: Socks should not only match each other, but they should also match your pants, preferably a shade or two darker than your pants. Also, for business functions, be sure to wear long dress socks. Having a strip of leg showing between the hem of your pants and the top of your socks is considered tacky and unattractive.

Necessary accessories

People often overlook men’s accessories, but a nice watch, briefcase and a selection of ties can go a long way towards making a good impression. And don’t forget your pocket square!

Suitability for the season

To ensure that you’re comfortable through all seasons, make sure your suit is seasonally appropriate. Choose darker, heavier fabrics for the winter months and lighter, airy fabrics for the summer. To be even better suited for the season, follow these color palettes: pastels for the spring/summer; rust, brown, green and burgundy for autumn; and blue and black for the winter.

Stay clean and pressed

Take your shirts to the dry cleaner on a regular basis. A clean, polished look will do wonders for making that ever-important first impression.

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