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DENIM - Never Goes Out Of Style


It's all about denim and we won’t complain about it. Denim is cool and always will be. Whatever your style is, you need to include a denim fix in your wardrobe. Every season is just perfect to play around with denim and experiment with new cuts, colors, and washes.

Do you feel an urge to wear denim like I do? You might not even need to look too far, just dig up your old denim and give them a little revival. We in this blog will talk about 4 denim styles that you can flaunt this season like every celebrity on your list.




It’s time to break up with your boyfriend jeans. Stylish sisters are now slipping into “girlfriend jeans,” the sexier better half to the broken-in, relaxed-fit pants that have long been marketed as the jeans you’re dying to steal from your beau. Rock the more feminine “girlfriend” pant, which sits higher on the hips, is slightly tighter, and has a slim, straight leg.




A new trend of patterned jeans is steadily making its way into our stores. We love this playful take on a classic wardrobe item; fashion is all about having fun with your image and this trend certainly does it. These patterned jeans will definitely stand out in a sea of blue, as they take on the classic mom jean shape, but challenge the blue denim norm with print and splashes of color. 




The raw hem, undone hem, frayed hem, whatever you want to call it has been cropping up on jeans for a couple of seasons and it’s really hit its peak right now. So much so that it’s not even become a trend as much anymore and is more of a staple when it comes to something unique in denim. Raw hem jeans work just like normal skinny jeans, but with a much more unique appearance.




Cropped and flared jeans continue to reign the denim scene thanks to their universally flattering appeal. This style comes with a variety of benefits, showing off your shoes with ease and figure-flattering capabilities among them. A cropped flare hem is the only amount of distressing you want with this style of jeans.

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