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How To Don Totally Professional Look Using Men's Designer Clothes

May 03, 2017
by Attica Clothing tags: mens designer clothes

First impression is the last impression.” Tired of hearing that old phrase? If you are, it’s because you’ve heard it so much and you probably believe that it’s true. First impressions are the most important exchange at any stage as it gives a person’s first introduction to you. And first impression of your looks, not just facial features, but most importantly the clothing is all what they remember!

The problem with men's fashion is that people try too hard or not at all. The vast majority of guys can't pull off an indigo suit, cerulean socks, and tan brogues. Men need to keep it simple yet elegant. A man that knows how to look good will always look for a gentleman’s standard of thinking, talking, and acting. When a man decides to become a gentleman and professional, his looks will show it – inside and out. And that’s where men’s designer clothes come in:

The Classics

  • Navy suit, white shirt, and black tie. This combination all is you need.
  • You can never go wrong with a two-button, notched lapel suit. It's a classic look that fits nearly every body type.

Business Clothing

  • To make a lasting impression your suit must stand out, your colleagues will remember it as it will be unique to you. Buy as many suits as you can reasonably afford.
  • In terms of color, keep it to various shades of gray, whites and navy, with a few varieties of pinstripes.
  • Contrasting vests are less expensive than a jacket or a suit, and they really help you to create many new outfits with your existing wardrobe.
  • Skip double-pockets and three-button suits altogether.


  • Skip the monogrammed shirts because they are not in trend.
  • Get your shirts made. The value of a custom shirt far exceeds the cost, and it’s relatively much more valued.
  • Stick with a stiff spread color; it's versatile enough to work with or without a tie and goes with jeans or a suit.

Casuals in Business

  • Say no to khakis, unless your resume still says you were the president of an investment club. Wear jeans instead.
  • No country club golf shirts, unless you’re ACTUALLY watching a match.
  • Wear whatever socks you want, go for white, navy or gray and don’t forget to wear them.


  • A belt is generally optional, but it is an essential option to wear.
  • Other than wedding rings, watches, and cuff links, men shouldn’t adorn any jewelry.
  • Backpacks might be suddenly cool for grown men but not when it comes to professionalism. Grow up, and get an adult bag or better yet a briefcase.
  • When it comes to watches, they make you look presentable and with high standards, invest in a good one.

Again, these looks are advisable as the vast majority of men are deprived of fashion, the smartest thing that they can do is keep it simple and stay in a safe zone.



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