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How to Match Dress Shoes with Your Suit

Black shoes with a black suit are great for a funeral, but there is some room there to add a little color to your next formal outfit, why not take advantage of it?

If you have a black suit and women's designer black shoes, then you’re all set for your next funeral, but what about the other colors? Which shoes would you match with a navy, gray, charcoal, light gray or brown suit? You don’t know? Then let’s find out, shall we!

The following rules aren’t the be all and end all of the rules, but they are a helpful guide to get you started. You can totally ignore the rules and branch out on your own, but it’s a fine line between fashionable and fashion disaster!

If you’re looking for a decent strictly business ensemble, then there is one easy choice. You want to go with a charcoal gray or navy blue suit, combined with plain black dress shoes. The following are some of the color combinations recommended by the fashion experts!

Navy Blue Suits go well with black, brown or red and burgundy dress shoes. Black is good for business, Brown for a relaxed evening out and burgundy or red for a look at me social effect.

Light grays and medium grays go well with brown, black or red and burgundy. While Gray isn’t the most formal of suit choices, it still goes well with the big three in dress shoes. If you have a mandatory suit policy, then light gray can provide a nice upbeat look and feel to a stricter dress code.

Brown suits work well with either brown or burgundy and red dress shoes. It’s best to avoid black shoes if you’re going to be sporting a brown suit. If you’re going to be wearing brown and brown, then make sure they’re different shades, too close and they will clash.
Charcoal gray suits will go with almost all of the standard choices except brown; you want to avoid brown as much as possible. Black, red or burgundy is okay, but the brown will just draw people’s eyes down when they should be looking up.

Black suits are our last choice and black suits really only go with black. Black is definitely all business, so it needs black business shoes to make the outfit!

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