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Spot the difference: Fake Designer Bags vs. Authentic Designer bags

How do you know your getting an Authentic Designer bag?

The fashion-crazy crowd knows just how much power an authentic designer bag can harness. Sometimes an iconic designer bag like Chanel’s flap bag instantly brings a street outfit to a whole new level; sometimes, something as rare and special like a Hermes Birkin qualifies as an investment (better than gold or stocks). But a large number of the bestselling designer bags can cost an arm and a leg (or more!), so for most fashion lovers, discounted designer bags are quite the temptation.

While the price tag is easier on the pockets, shoppers have to be careful for counterfeit or fake women's designer handbags. There ARE discounted designer bags in the market that are every bit as real as the brand new, expensive ones. Below, we list some telltale signs of a fake designer bag that you have to take note of.

Some things you need to examine are:

1) The quality of leather. Designer bags made with real leather should feel dry and soft, sometimes with some sort of unevenness in texture because of the natural material. Real leather designer handbags should also feel supple. If it’s a fake designer bag, then it will feel and smell like smooth plastic. In addition, the handles of authentic leather designer bags should show signs of wear and age (e.g., the color is slightly fading out) after a few times of usage.

Just Cavalli messenger shoulder

Just Cavalli messenger shoulder men’s bag in black, discounted on Attica Clothing

2) The hardware of real designer bags, such as the brand name and buckles, are plated in gold and should feel heavy. If it’s alarmingly lightweight, and has uneven, rough textures and edges, then it’s a fake designer bag.

 Givenchy studded handbag

                 Givenchy studded handbag in black, discounted on Attica Clothing

3) The zipper of the bag should run smoothly and have a logo on the underside. If it catches or stops when you close or open the bag, then it’s a giveaway of a knock-off designer bag.

  Balmain tote shoulder

 Balmain tote shoulder bag in blue, discounted on Attica Clothing

4) The stitching of a real designer bag varies with brands and their products. If the real deal is supposed to be handstitched, then it should appear quite uneven. The stitch should also not change color from the bag, or be knotted (or worse—frayed!) in some areas.

 Dior tote bag

Dior tote bag in beige, discounted on Attica Clothing

It is very idea to do your research for the designer bag you are eyeing, because each bag—especially the authentic, expensive designer handbags—have details that are unique to it.

As ideal as it may sound, you can’t spot a fake designer bag within seconds. Designer bag authorities report that at this point of fashion technology, authentic designer bags are easier to replicate down to the details—everything from the smooth zipper to the date codes. Elizabeth Bernstein, who is the handbag director of, tells Elle in an interview that while the details may be perfected by the counterfeit market, they can never produce the same quality real designer bags have.

Elizabeth Bernstein further advises that investing in the real deal is humane in some ways: you are not contributing to a factory that sells fake leather goods and exploits workers in terrible conditions. Plus, how on earth can a real designer bag—especially if it’s a discounted one—not feel good in your hands?

Attica Clothing guarantees the authenticity of the discounted designer handbags on the website.

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