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The Latest Gucci Menswear Collection is Crazy in a Cool Way!

Aug 16, 2016
by Attica Clothing


If you are new to the designer fashion world, then you may not be familiar with the creative genius behind Gucci’s latest renaissance, then now it’s time to meet him, Alessandro Michele. So far, the designer’s collections are helping influence fashions which are leading fashion conscious men around the world to part with their money on a vast scale! These must have designer fashion items are becoming a focal point for many fashion collections, so much so that you may already have a piece inspired by Alessandro Michele, and not even know it. Some of the more fashionable items to date are: colorfully embroidered jeans, kangaroo fur-lined slippers, and even animal intarsia sweaters.

Michael’s out there look at what was once known as unachievable looks, is helping to guide men around the world towards designer inspired wardrobes that even a few years ago would have been considered crazy at best! His genderless approach to fashion and clothes is helping men to experiment with both fabrics and silhouettes, normally considered uncommon in traditional menswear.

If you don’t believe us, then, by all means, make sure that you take a look for yourself at his 2017 men’s Cruise collection. Michele was quoted as saying "This collection is dedicated to those men who are in love with their wardrobe. Men who like beautiful things and who like to wear different things or to wear formalwear differently," Michele noted of the 87-look blockbuster inspired by all things English (from Savile Row to schoolboy uniforms to punks and Carnaby Street dandies). "Every item or detail is precious, refined, nothing is left to chance," he wrote to GQ in an e-mail. "The men’s wardrobe is like a ritual and I am fascinated by it and its codes. The codes are not to be cancelled, they have to be reinvented and repositioned in a different fresco. There is the part of formalwear which I consider like the father of all the different styles. There are some punk pieces which are the most romantic part of the collection. When you are punk you are romantic, because you want to break the rules. And then there is the preppy/street part which recalls college-wear and is thought for more relaxed moments. Each of these parts has its own codes and, as always, I enjoyed putting a sort of confusion among the different codes and languages."

If you feel like you may be inspired by Michele’s collection, then check out his collection for yourself and please feel free to share this article and see if you can find any Alessandro Michele inspired pieces amongst our menswear collections.

Photo Credit to Nick Waplington 

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