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Types of Men’s Designer Pants Available across the World

Apr 03, 2017
by Attica Clothing tags: men’s designer pants

Men love fashion. They too have a penchant for men’s designer pants. Whether you concur with me or not, there are men who truly stand out due to the style of clothes they adorn. After all, fashion is not just for women. Even when it comes to men’s clothing, there is a large variety of pants and shirts available. Pants are one of the most important parts of men’s clothing and come in different styles. Let us take a look at some of the types of men’s pants which are adorned by men across the world.

Men’s Dress Pants:

Under this category of pants, which are usually worn at office place, there are basically two types of pants.

    1. Pleated: These types of pants are for men who are not slim. These are the ones worn by your father and grandfather. They were used years ago. Pleated pants don’t perfectly fit the lower part of your body and make your torso look heavy.
    2. Flat Front: These types of pants are usually used by those who love to wear well-fitting clothes. They for those individuals who are thin in appearance.

Men’s Khakis:

Made using 100 percent cotton, Khakis can be found in various colors. You can use it for office use and also wear it as a business casual.

Men’s Corduroys:

These are vertically stripped and more perfect for casual wear. Due to the thicker material they offer, they must be avoided during hot summer days.

Men’s Cargo Pants:

These  men’s designer pants are meant for casual wear. They emerged in fashion during the 90’s. Offered in different fabrics, they come with exterior flaps.

Men’s Chinos:

Many people think that men’s chinos are akin to Khakis. However, the truth is chinos are made using synthetic materials whereas khakis are 100 percent cotton. They come with a little bit sheen and have narrower cut with tapered ends. Being formal in style, you can wear them on business occasions.

Men’s Jeans:

When it comes to men’s designer clothing, one cannot ignore Denim Jeans. Meant for casual use, they are available in a variety of styles, colors, shades, and cuts. They are strict no-no if you are planning to wear them at business or formal events.

Men’s Drawstrings:

These are casual slacks usually worn inside the house or at the beach. They make the wearer comfortable. Made using different fabrics, men’s drawstrings can also be worn during exercising.

No matter, what type of pant you wear, you must wear keeping the occasion in mind. Never go for casual wear in formal events or environments. Dress according to the event you are going to attend. Also, keep in mind that your men’s designer pants should be free from stains and always be ironed, unless you are wearing a fabric that doesn’t need ironing.

Your dressing style represents your identity and also impacts how others perceive you and respond to you.

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