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Winter 2017 Fashion Trends for Men

Sep 27, 2017
by Attica Clothing tags: mens designer clothes

The climate outside is getting repulsive, which implies it's the ideal opportunity for you men to begin taking a shot at your winter mold diversion.

The way to nailing winter style is to layer bits of different textures to keep you warm without the bulk. With regard to outerwear, the alternatives are never ending — from pea coats to shearling coats and, obviously, the good old parka.

About footwear, winter boots are dependably a decent alternative to combine with your pants or jeans, particularly on those slushy days. In any case, don't rush to secure your mid-year tennis shoes at this time, they're extraordinary for wearing on days when it's dry.

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Se farchingor some outfit motivation this winter? Here are 10 winter 2017 fashion trends for men to consider: 


While it may not be the primary thing you consider when you think about men's designs, fur has had exceptional fortitude in men's apparel for quite a long time. Regardless of whether it's a full coat or the covering on the hood of a plain coat, you will spot more men donning fur on their external wear this season. 

That 70s Style 

While not a full retro treatment, search for 70s-roused features on garments and outerwear. We're talking more extensive lapels and collars flared jeans and realistic prints. 

The Color of the Season:Burgundy

Winters ordinarily highlight subtle tones and burgundy is by all accounts a well-known decision with leading fashion designers this year. 

Baggy Pants

Whether it's the end of skinny pants stays to be seen, however loose pants and high waistlines are in this winter. 

Oversized Coats and Jackets

The pattern to baggier fits and more extensive collars reaches out to outerwear as vast, warm coats and jackets. What's more, ¾ lengths will be well known as well. 

The Long Scarf

Whether worn inside your jacket or, long scarves are the accessory of choice this season. 

Rollnecks and Turtlenecks 

While they are an enduring winter most loved on the grounds that they join great looks and warmth, rollneck sweaters and shirts will keep you warm, and popular, when it gets cool this year. 

Leather Pants

Yes, they are back indeed. This year search for new hues like olive greens and dull blues in custom-made, not tight, fits. 

Leopard Prints

In what may be an augmentation of the 70s effect on the current year's styles, bolder fashionistas will wear Leopard prints on waistcoats and winter coats. 

Velvet Revival

In the rebound story of the year, velvet comes back to the fore in coats and pants, including velvet corduroy, in a rainbow of hues, from pastels and the previously mentioned burgundy to great beiges and tans.

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